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Inspiration. Where does come from? As I explained once again just the other day to a random stranger - Inspiration comes directly from work and discipline. Daydreaming ain't enough. Work ain't enough. It takes balance. Ultimately the juggling act balances both out. I seem to have no trouble with the inspiration thing. Now, the motivation thing is another story... Everyone right now today, whether they admit or not, is affected by pandemic situations. It is global. It is personal. It is local. It is catastrophically humbling, life-changing, potent and powerful, and still we look for HOPE. Art is HOPE. It is drenched in the reality of the mind. The thoughts and perceptions that make up reality for each of us regardless of our situation. How some of us make sense out of the chaos (pandemic-ally driven or otherwise) is a unique way of not only expressing our individuality, but how we relate to people and the world around us. Here has been dawning another blue day.. I truly hope yo

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